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Customs tariffs and fees

UBUY offers different types of Custom Clearance depending on the country of import.

Customs/Import Duties and Taxes Paid:

  1. Customer pays the duties and taxes in advance to UBUY upon placing the order.
  2. No additional charges will be paid by the customer.
  3. If any document is required from the customer side, it is necessary for the consignee to provide the document on a timely basis.

Customs/Import Duties and Taxes Unpaid:

  1. Customer will not pay the duties and taxes to UBUY upon placing the order.
  2. Charges will be settled by the customer to the carrier for customs to release the shipment.
  3. The customer will get an invoice from the shipping company that includes customs duty, import taxes, and other expenses.
  4. The customer must keep the receipt of the customs payment for future reference.
  5. The customer is only responsible for paying customs duty and other charges at the time of clearance; if the courier asks for extra amount at the time of delivery, please contact our customer service department immediately.

Calculating Customs/Import Duties and Taxes:

  1. Customs/Import duties and taxes fees levied at checkout is estimation and not the exact calculation.
  2. If actual customs fees exceed the estimated customs fees taken at the time of placing an order, UBUY will pay the additional fees charged.
  3. The above terms also apply to the shipment of any replacement product (if applicable).

Factors which play important role in estimating Customs/Import Duties and Taxes:

  1. Product category and price
  2. Shipping costs and package weight
  3. Customs clearance channel
  4. Storage charges may apply for any delay to submit the required paperwork.
  5. Import taxes based on custom duty amounts
  6. Import fees as per the destination country's customs rules.
  7. The customer can receive multiple shipments for a single order; customs charges will be applied to the shipments accordingly.